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RBC Bioscience was established 7years ago with an ambition to provide life science solutions not only accurate and efficient but also visually cost saving for the life science labs worldwide.
We have been dedicating ourselves to seeking better solution for current market demands, and still believe is the most important mission at RBC.

To delight RBC product users who have been loyal to our unique HOT Competent Cells-the 1 min non heat shock bacterial transformation kit as well as HiYield Genomic kits and many others, our latest innovation MagCore automated NAT extraction system should-bring more joviality to your benchtop. RBC Bioscience’s research program is focused on bringing new technologies onto the bench of every life scientist, and we promise that innovative products coming all the time.

Your input is pivotal to our success while we strive to reach newer highs. I savour those good and bad memories since we built up this company and never wonder if life could come over again, what will I do.

  HIT™ Competent Cells
  RBC Rapid Ligation Kit
  T&A Cloning Kit
  RBC Polymerases & DNA Ladders
  RBC Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
  MagCore® HF16 System
   -Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System