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Uscn Life Science Inc., a company produce Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbentAssay Kits and other relevant life sciences reagents covering a full range of fields.
Based on our own scientific and technological innovation, we efficiently separate and purify natural proteins from tissues or biological liquids derived from plants, animals and human. We also have the ability to obtain recombinant proteins by use of genetic engineering technique. Moreover, we are performing the work of modification of small molecules for getting better antibodies to hapten. So far, we have a set of our own technique to complete the procedure of immunization, extraction, samples collection, cell fusion, cell culture, expression, purification, etc.
In order to produce the highest quality proteins and antibodies, we established the "Antibody and Protein preparation base". The base has two parts, The first part can support at least 360 rabbits, 400 guinea pigs, rats, mice, chickens and animals in other species, where there are professional animal keepers breeding all these animals. The other part is composed of four laboratories, including lab for extraction of natural proteins and purification of antibodies, lab for modification of hapten, lab for recombinant proteins and lab for monoclonal antibody. All these labs are equipped with advanced devices. The most important, it has a scientific team with a wealth of experience in the fields of life sciences. Moreover, Our underground icehouse with a 200 square scale guarantees the stability and safety of our materials and products. Additionally, bulk production is achieved by utilizing automatic machines and devices in order to improve the stability and precision of our products.
To date, our company has passed the identification of ISO 9001:2008 (quality system certification), ISO13485:2003 (quality system certification of medical apparatus and instruments) and CE (certificate of conformity) as well.
Our company possesses several patented technologies and intellectual property rights in the field of production. Further, our company established close cooperation relationship with many authorities, such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Medical College, etc. Our aggressive salary system provides the best way for the development and innovation of our every staff.